• The Luxury Barge Montar

    “Business Entertaining in Style”

  • V.I.P. Dining Experience

    “Suan Thip Restaurant, Pak Kret”

  • Corporate Configuration

    “Network Printer, Wi-Fi Internet”

  • Overnight Retreats

    “Wave Side Jet Ski Club”

Corporate Group Charters

Classic Barges offers corporate day or overnight cruises, which are customised for varied business purposes, including:

  • Entertaining Visiting Executives, VIPs and Clients

  • Corporate Team-Oriented Retreats

  • Orientation of Personnel New to Bangkok

  • Staff Rewards

For the overnight cruises, we utilize the Wave Side Jet Ski Club and Ayutthaya Garden River Home Resort for overnight accommodation; both resorts are of a high standard, have conference facilities, are set in quiet villages, remote from distractions and are ideal venues.

Itineraries can be jointly developed to suit the purpose of the event.

Our barge ‘Montar’ has a 32-inch HD display, internet connectivity, Wi-Fi / wired LAN, network printer / photo-copier and a sophisticated digital entertainment system.

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Entertaining Visiting Executives, VIPs and Clients

These flexible, customised itineraries provide informal high-end entertaining, encompassing dining in unique first class riverside restaurants, riverside tourist attractions and, at the same time, provide a distraction free environment for important discussions.

Corporate Team-Oriented Retreats

These cruises provide a relaxed, comfortable and accepting environment, which enhances open feedback, interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and communication.

They also provide a distraction free environment, which is conducive to creative, flexible thinking, facilitating an existing team to solve difficult problems and plan complex tasks, or make complex decisions.

Orientation of Personnel New to Bangkok

These cruises provide a warm welcome and an introduction to Thai food, arts, history, culture and etiquette.

The informal atmosphere enables the opportunity for briefing on the company’s corporate strategies, aims and culture.  By including co-workers, current policies are reinforced, ensuring that outdated or incorrect practices do not become endemic to the new staff members.

Newcomers can also be informally introduced to, and practice, important Thai phrases, numbers, days of the week etc, Thai menu items and other significant aspects of living in Thailand.

Staff Rewards

A cruise can be a means of rewarding groups of staff members who have achieved outstanding results.  The environment enables staff to relax after meeting important deadlines, whilst strengthening interpersonal relationships and further enhancing team performance.