• A Luxury River Adventure

    “The Elegant Barge Montar”

  • Air-conditioned Throughout

    “The Upper Deck Lounge”

  • Luxurious Master Stateroom

    “Hand-carved Teak Panels”

  • Royal Folk Arts & Crafts Centre

    “Sculpted Clay Diorama”

  • Luxuriant Restaurants

    “Suan Thip, Pak Kret”

Luxury Private Charters

Classic Barges offers the independent minded traveller the opportunity to enjoy exclusive, high-end travel on a privately chartered barge.  These cruises provide a luxurious style of exploring the rivers’ unique attractions.

Our elegantly refurbished and innovatively designed teak rice barge allows you to enjoy the old world tropical ambience, or to relax in air-conditioned comfort independent of the climate.  Your cruise will be a nostalgic experience reminiscing a bygone era of opulent elegance. The on-board accommodation is ideal for two adults with two children.

Discrete, state of the art entertainment systems are installed throughout, including provision for streaming media from your personal devices, Internet Radio, 2 home theatres, Wi-Fi etc.

Encompassing art, history and exotic, traditional Thai cuisine, the itineraries offer a relaxing, hassle free experience in the privacy of a chartered barge.

Having exclusive use of the entire vessel allows guests to plan an itinerary to suit their personal requirements, and to match their individual interests to the varied scenery and points of interest along the river.  Destinations, times, places of interest, activities and dining preferences are in accordance with your personal requirements.

Full a-la-carte meals are provided at selected riverside restaurants, either taken at the restaurant or served on board.  Deluxe, a-la-carte western breakfasts are prepared on board.